Titanium dioxide (TiO2 or O2Ti) [Definition, synonyms, forms, uses]

The compound is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium. It is also known as titanium(IV) oxide, rutile or titania and is typically sourced from ilmenite, rutile, and anatase. It occurs in crystalline forms as an odourless white powder which is tasteless. It is also insoluble in water and organic solvents. The chemical is produced in […]

STEARIC ACID {CH3(CH2)16COOH or C18H36O2} [Definition, uses, types, applications]

The compound is a saturated long-chain fatty acid. It is one with 18-carbon backbone and is a major component of shea butter and cocoa butter. The compound is also known as stearate, octadecanoic acid, stearophanic acid, n-Octadecanoic acid and stearic acid-triple pressed just to mention a few. It appears as a white or slightly yellow […]

Nitric Acid (HNO3) [Definition, physical characteristics, & uses]

Nitric acid is a hydrogen oxoacid with a chemical formula of HNO3. It appears as a colourless liquid in its pure form. Its synonyms include hydrogen nitrate, aqua fortis, Acidum nitricum, nitryl hydroxide, spirit of nitre, azotic acid, nitryl hydroxide, engraver’s acid, acido nitrico and nitricum acidum just to mention a few. It is referred […]

Talcum Powder (Application on tight shoes & smelly feet)

Talcum powder can be used to loosen tight shoes and to also reduce sweatiness of the feet which in turn reduces odour. Method of Application Sprinkle on shoes. This involves you sprinkling a moderate amount of talcum powder directly int your shoes before slipping them on. You can do this by scooping out some of […]

Zinc Chloride (ZnCl2) [Definition, characteristics & uses]

Zinc chloride is a hygroscopic chemical compound. Some of its synonyms include butter of zinc and zinc(II) chloride. It has a chemical formula of ZnCl2 or Cl2Zn. It has multiple industrial and consumer uses. These include use in chemical synthesis and textile processing just to mention a few. It can be found either as a […]

Soybean lecithin (definition, uses & benefits)

Lecithin is a generic term designated to a variety of naturally occurring fatty compounds found in plant and animal tissues. Its was first isolated by French chemist Theodore Gobley in 1846 during the mid-19th century. It is composed of glycerol, glycolipids, phosphoric acid, triglycerides, fatty acids, phospholipids, and choline. It is a compound that was […]

Paraffin Wax(description,uses,categories)

Paraffin wax is a transparent, white, cream or yellow solid petroleum product. It is a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules. Its state at room temperature is solid and starts melting at approximately 58 degrees Celsius. Paraffin waxes are derived from crude oil during the production of distillate lubricating oils. The waxes are categorized by degree of […]

Safe Transport of Chemicals.

Amaris Chemical Solutions offers delivery services to all its clients countrywide. With our services, you are assured of the safe arrival of your products while they are still in good condition. However, if you wish to handle the delivery of the products yourself, we have some pointers that will ensure you move your chemicals safely. […]

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), description, grade types and uses.

Hydrogen peroxide (oxydol or dihydrogen dioxide) belongs to a class of inorganic compounds known as homogenous non-metal compounds. It is a colourless liquid at room temperature and has a bitter taste. The chemical formula for the compound is H2O2. It is usually produced in aqueous solutions of various strengths. The chemical has a slightly pungent, […]

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