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Ammonium Chloride

Ammonium Chloride White crystalline salt that is highly soluble in water. Solutions of ammonium chloride are mildly acidic

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Titanium Dioxide

TITANIUM DIOXIDE Titanium dioxide, also known as titanium (IV) oxide or titania. It is a white, water-insoluble solid, although

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Copper Sulphate

Copper Sulphate Copper Sulphate is a grey to white powder. Uses  Copper sulfate is used as a fungicide, algaecide,

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Aluminium Chloride

Aluminium  Chloride Aluminium chloride is a white or pale yellow solid and hygroscopic. Uses. it’s a component in

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Acetic acid

Acetic Acid Acetic acid is a byproduct of fermentation, and gives vinegar its characteristic odor. Vinegar is about 4-6%

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Sodium Silicate

Sodium Silicate Sodium silicate is a colorless liquid which is often referred to as water glass. It compound containing

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