Crucible tongs

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Lab crucible tongs are a laboratory tool designed for safely handling small containers called crucibles, typically made of ceramic or metal, when they are hot. These tongs consist of two arms with curved, pointed tips that can be used to grip the crucible securely and maneuver it without direct contact, protecting the user from burns or other hazards associated with high-temperature materials.


Crucible tongs are an essential tool in laboratories, particularly in chemistry and materials science, where they serve several major and common uses:

  1. Handling Crucibles: Crucible tongs are primarily used for safely grasping and moving crucibles. Crucibles are small, heat-resistant containers used for heating substances to high temperatures, often during processes like heating, melting, or chemical reactions. Tongs provide a secure grip on the crucible to prevent accidents and burns.
  2. Transferring Samples: In chemical and materials analysis, substances are often transferred from one container to another, such as from a beaker or test tube to a crucible. Crucible tongs make it easier to transfer these samples accurately and without contamination.
  3. Heating and Evaporation: Crucibles are commonly used for heating and evaporating substances. Tongs allow precise control when placing the crucible on a hotplate, over a Bunsen burner, or inside a muffle furnace, ensuring even heating and preventing spills or accidents.
  4. Ashing and Ignition: In analytical chemistry, crucibles are used for processes like ashing and ignition, where organic matter is burned off to determine the composition of inorganic residues. Tongs help in placing the crucible in a controlled environment and removing it after the process is complete.
  5. Mixing and Grinding: Sometimes, crucibles are used to mix or grind materials. Crucible tongs can be used to manipulate the crucible for these purposes, allowing for thorough mixing or grinding without direct contact.
  6. Chemical Reactions: Crucibles are often used in chemical reactions that require high-temperature conditions. Tongs are used to safely introduce reagents or catalysts into the crucible and remove the reaction products when the process is complete.
  7. Melting and Casting: In metallurgy and materials science, crucibles are employed for melting and casting metals. Crucible tongs are used to handle the hot crucible and pour molten metal into molds.
  8. Cool Down and Storage: After high-temperature processes, the crucible and its contents need to cool down. Tongs help in transferring the hot crucible to a designated cooling area or storage location.