Micro crystalline Wax 25kg

Micro crystalline Wax 25kg

Microcrystalline wax is a type of wax derived from the refining process of crude oil. It is composed of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, with a higher percentage of branched and cyclic molecules than straight-chain molecules. Microcrystalline wax is characterized by its small crystal size, which gives it a smooth texture and makes it less brittle than other types of waxes. It is commonly used in a variety of industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, as a lubricant, emulsifier, and water-resistant coating.



Microcrystalline wax is a versatile material that is used in a variety of industries and applications. Here are some of the major uses of microcrystalline wax:

  1. Cosmetics: Microcrystalline wax is used in cosmetics and personal care products such as lip balms, lotions, and creams as a thickener, emollient, and binder. It provides a smooth texture and helps to prevent water loss from the skin.
  2. Food packaging: Microcrystalline wax is used as a coating for food packaging materials to provide a barrier against moisture, gases, and odors. It helps to keep food fresh and extend its shelf life.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: Microcrystalline wax is used as an ingredient in pharmaceuticals to help control the release of active ingredients and improve the stability of the product.
  4. Candles: Microcrystalline wax is used in the production of candles to provide a smooth texture, improve burn time, and prevent cracking.
  5. Polishes and coatings: Microcrystalline wax is used in the production of polishes and coatings for furniture, flooring, and automotive applications. It provides a water-resistant and protective barrier, and improves the gloss and durability of the finished product.
  6. Adhesives: Microcrystalline wax is used as an ingredient in adhesives to provide flexibility, tackiness, and water resistance.

Overall, microcrystalline wax is a valuable material with many practical uses in various industries.

Safety Guidelines

Here are some safety measures to follow when using microcrystalline wax:
  1. Personal protective equipment: Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, and a respirator, when handling or working with microcrystalline wax.
  2. Ventilation: Ensure that the work area is well-ventilated to prevent the accumulation of vapors and fumes. Use local exhaust ventilation, such as a fume hood, if necessary.
  3. Fire safety: Microcrystalline wax is flammable and should be stored and used away from ignition sources. Use spark-proof tools and equipment to minimize the risk of fire.
  4. Handling and storage: Store microcrystalline wax in a cool, dry place, away from heat, sunlight, and moisture. Do not stack containers too high or close to sources of heat or flame. Use appropriate lifting and handling equipment to avoid spills and accidents.
  5. First aid: In case of skin contact, wash the affected area with soap and water. If the wax is ingested or inhaled, seek medical attention immediately.
  6. Disposal: Dispose of microcrystalline wax and its containers according to local regulations. Do not pour wax down the drain or in the garbage. Follow proper waste disposal procedures.
Overall, it is important to handle microcrystalline wax with care and follow proper safety procedures to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure a safe working environment.

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