Petri Dish (glass)

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A Petri dish is a shallow, flat, cylindrical, lidded container typically made of glass or clear plastic. It is used in laboratory settings for the cultivation and observation of microorganisms, cells, or small organisms under controlled conditions. The dish provides a sterile environment that allows scientists and researchers to study the growth, behavior, and interactions of these biological entities, making it a fundamental tool in microbiology, cell biology, and other related fields.


Glass Petri dishes have been widely used in various scientific and laboratory applications due to their unique properties. Some of the major and common uses of glass Petri dishes include:

  1. Microbial Culture: Glass Petri dishes are commonly used for culturing and growing bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. Nutrient agar or other growth media can be added to the dish, providing a suitable environment for the microorganisms to proliferate.
  2. Cell Culture: In cell biology research, glass Petri dishes are used to cultivate and grow animal or plant cells. Specialized culture media and conditions are provided to support the growth and maintenance of these cells for experimental purposes.
  3. Drug Sensitivity Testing: Glass Petri dishes are used in antimicrobial susceptibility testing to determine the effectiveness of different antibiotics or antimicrobial agents against specific bacteria.
  4. Tissue Sampling and Analysis: Glass Petri dishes are often used during medical procedures to collect and analyze tissue samples for diagnostic purposes or research studies.
  5. Observation and Study: Glass Petri dishes are used to observe and study the behavior of microorganisms, cells, or tissues under a microscope or other imaging techniques.
  6. Yeast Culture: In the brewing and baking industries, glass Petri dishes are used to culture and propagate yeast strains for fermentation processes.
  7. DNA and RNA Manipulation: Glass Petri dishes can be used in various molecular biology techniques, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), gel electrophoresis, and DNA/RNA extraction and purification.
  8. Plant Tissue Culture: In plant research and agriculture, glass Petri dishes are utilized for the propagation of plant tissue cultures and the development of new plant varieties.
  9. Seed Germination: Glass Petri dishes can be employed to germinate and observe the early growth stages of seeds before transferring them to a suitable planting medium.
  10. Educational Purposes: Glass Petri dishes are commonly used in educational settings to introduce students to microbiology and basic laboratory techniques.
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