Raspberry Fragrance oil 5kg

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Raspberry fragrance oil is a synthetic or natural aromatic compound designed to replicate the scent of raspberries. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of various products such as candles, soaps, lotions, and other personal care items to impart a pleasant and sweet aroma reminiscent of fresh raspberries.


Raspberry fragrance oil is a versatile scent that can be used in a variety of products for manufacturing. Some common products that are likely to incorporate raspberry fragrance oil include:

  1. Candles: Raspberry fragrance oil is a popular choice for scented candles, providing a sweet and fruity aroma when the candle is burned.
  2. Soaps: Hand soaps, body washes, and bath products often use raspberry fragrance oil to add a pleasant scent to the cleansing experience.
  3. Lotions and Body Creams: Skincare products, such as lotions and body creams, can benefit from the addition of raspberry fragrance oil for a delightful scent.
  4. Shampoos and Conditioners: Hair care products may use raspberry fragrance oil to enhance the fragrance of shampoos and conditioners.
  5. Perfumes and Fragrances: Raspberry is a common note in perfumery, and fragrance oils can be used in the production of various perfumes and colognes.
  6. Room Sprays and Air Fresheners: Raspberry fragrance oil is frequently used in products designed to freshen up living spaces, such as room sprays and air fresheners.
  7. Culinary Products: Some manufacturers use food-grade raspberry fragrance oils in the production of flavorings for candies, chocolates, and other confectionery items.
  8. Bath Bombs: Raspberry fragrance oil can add a delightful scent to bath bombs, enhancing the overall bathing experience.
  9. Aromatherapy Products: Raspberry fragrance oil may be used in the production of aromatherapy oils, diffusers, and other relaxation products.

Hand Sanitizers: With the increasing popularity of scented hand sanitizers, raspberry fragrance oil can be incorporated to make these products more pleasant.

Safety measure

When using raspberry fragrance oil or any fragrance oil during manufacturing, it’s essential to follow safety measures to ensure the well-being of workers and the quality of the final products. Here are some safety measures to consider:

  1. Ventilation:
    • Ensure that the manufacturing area is well-ventilated to minimize exposure to concentrated fragrance oils.
    • Use local exhaust ventilation systems to capture and remove vapors.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Provide appropriate PPE, such as gloves and safety goggles, to workers who handle or come into contact with the fragrance oil.
  3. Avoid Skin Contact:
    • Minimize direct skin contact with undiluted fragrance oils. If contact occurs, wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water.
  4. Training:
    • Train workers on the proper handling, storage, and usage of fragrance oils.
    • Educate them about potential hazards and safe practices.
  5. Storage:
    • Store fragrance oils in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
    • Keep containers tightly sealed to prevent evaporation and contamination.
  6. Dosage Control:
    • Follow recommended dosage guidelines provided by the fragrance oil supplier to avoid overuse, which could lead to overpowering scents or potential irritation.
  7. Emergency Procedures:
    • Have emergency procedures in place in case of accidental spills or exposure.
    • Provide workers with information on how to respond to accidental contact, including first aid measures.
  8. Material Compatibility:
    • Ensure that the containers and equipment used in the manufacturing process are compatible with fragrance oils to prevent chemical reactions or contamination.
  9. Testing:
    • Conduct compatibility and stability tests with the fragrance oil and other ingredients used in the manufacturing process.
  10. Labeling:
    • Clearly label containers with the name, concentration, and any relevant safety information about the fragrance oil.
  11. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Familiarize yourself with local regulations and guidelines related to the use and handling of fragrance oils in manufacturing.
  12. Supplier Information:
    • Obtain safety data sheets (SDS) from the fragrance oil supplier and make them accessible to workers.
  13. First Aid Kit:

Keep a well-stocked first aid kit in the manufacturing area, and ensure that workers know its location.