Short Oil Fast Drying (16/50) 200 Kg Drum

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“Short oil fast drying” refers to a type of alkyd paint that is made with a low proportion of fatty acid oil in the binder, resulting in a quicker drying time compared to other alkyd paints. The term “short oil” indicates that the oil content is low, while “fast drying” indicates that the paint dries relatively quickly.


Short oil fast drying alkyd paints are commonly used in industrial applications, such as in the manufacturing of machinery, equipment, and metal structures. They are also used in the marine industry for coating ships and offshore structures due to their fast drying time and good adhesion to metal substrates.

In addition, short oil fast drying alkyd paints are used in the automotive industry for painting vehicles and parts, as well as in the construction industry for painting surfaces such as steel, concrete, and wood. They are also used for painting appliances, furniture, and other consumer goods.

Overall, the fast-drying properties of short oil alkyd paints make them suitable for applications where a quick turnaround time is important, and where surfaces need to be painted and returned to use quickly.

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