Condenser liebig

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A Liebig condenser, named after its inventor, Justus von Liebig, is a type of laboratory glassware used in chemistry for the purpose of cooling and condensing vapors. It consists of an inner straight tube through which the vapor passes and an outer water jacket that surrounds the inner tube. Cold water is circulated through the outer jacket to cool down the vapor and facilitate its condensation into a liquid state. Liebig condensers are commonly used in distillation setups and other chemical processes where the separation and collection of volatile substances are required.


The Liebig condenser is a commonly used piece of laboratory glassware in chemistry and is particularly suited for various applications, including:

  1. Distillation: Liebig condensers are often employed in distillation setups to condense vaporized substances back into their liquid form. This is useful for purifying or separating different components from a mixture, such as in fractional distillation and simple distillation.
  2. Reflux: In chemical reactions that involve the continuous condensation and return of a liquid to the reaction flask, Liebig condensers are utilized as reflux condensers. This ensures that reactants are not lost through evaporation and that reactions can proceed to completion.
  3. Solvent Recovery: In laboratories and industrial settings, Liebig condensers can be used to recover solvents from solution mixtures. The solvent vapors are condensed and collected for reuse, reducing waste and saving resources.
  4. Laboratory Setup: Liebig condensers are a common part of laboratory equipment and are used for a variety of purposes, such as cooling or condensing gases in experiments, demonstrating principles of condensation, and for educational purposes.
  5. Research and Analysis: They may also be employed in various research and analytical applications where the separation or purification of volatile compounds is necessary, such as in organic chemistry synthesis, quality control, and research studies.