Silicon Dioxide 10kg

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Silicon dioxide, also known as silica, is a chemical compound composed of one silicon atom bonded to two oxygen atoms (SiO2). It is a naturally abundant mineral found in various forms, such as quartz, sand, and rocks. Silicon dioxide is characterized by its hardness, high melting point, and insulating properties. It is widely used in numerous applications, including electronics, glass production, catalyst support, abrasives, desiccants, and as a filler in various materials.


Silicon dioxide has several important properties that make it useful in various applications:

  1. Hardness and durability: Silicon dioxide is a hard and brittle substance, which makes it resistant to physical and chemical degradation. It has a high melting point and remains stable under a wide range of conditions.
  2. Insulating properties: Silicon dioxide is an excellent electrical insulator. It is widely used in the electronics industry as an insulating material for integrated circuits, transistors, and other electronic components.
  3. Abrasive properties: Due to its hardness, silica is used as an abrasive material in products like toothpaste, polishing compounds, and industrial abrasives.
  4. Desiccant: Silica gel, a form of amorphous silicon dioxide, is commonly used as a desiccant to control moisture levels in various products, including food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.
  5. Catalyst support: Silicon dioxide can act as a support material for catalysts in various chemical reactions. Its high surface area and stability make it an ideal substrate for catalysts.
  6. Fillers and reinforcing agents: Silicon dioxide is used as a filler in many industrial products, including rubber, plastics, paints, and adhesives. It improves the mechanical properties and enhances the stability of these materials.
  7. Optical applications: Silicon dioxide is transparent to a wide range of wavelengths, making it useful in optical applications. It is used in the production of glass, optical fibers, lenses, and other optical components.
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